Desktop Wallpapers


The user of the operating system can examine and select wallpaper and then it He has the opportunity to choose from a very large base wallpapers and every day to make your desktop "desktop" unique.

On the desktop "desktop", wallpapers "wallpapers" can be placed in a recurring series (when the resolution of the wallpaper is significantly less than the very desktop), centrally located (when stretching breaks proportions and quality) or stretched (in where the wallpaper is a bit smaller than the resolution of the desktop). In the case of a centered location, you can fill the landscape with color choice.

Wallpapers can be used not only for workspaces "desktop" computers but also for portable devices, photo frames, phones, PDA-s, centere music and more. Characteristic with other devices that use wallpapers with lower resolution. On our site you will find wallpapers with standard resolution for phones and PDA devices. Another interesting place you can put the photo frame wallpapers. There you will be able to load a series of very beautiful and attract attention to landscapes from around the world. Their very alternately in slide mode will create a nice feeling when you go past her and everyone stopped to enjoy them.