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Wallpapers cities Chicago-третият по големина град в Сащ и се намира в щата Илионис.Известен е с имена като Ветровитият град (Windy city) и (Second city).Градът е основан през 1833.Тук през 1974 е построена нй-високата сграда в света-Sears Tower free wallpapers,която е висока 443 метра а броят на етажите е 103.Към настоящия момент продължава да бъде най-високата сграда в Сащ.
Chicago е разположен на западния бряг на езерото Michigan desctop. Като един от наи-големите метрополиси в света тук всичко привлича внимание .Летище O'Hare International Airport wallpaper е едно от най-натоварените летища в целия свят.Годишно градът е посещаван от над 40 милиона души-туристи,жители от съседните щати,както и много бизнесмени.Откроява се като глобален финансов център.Тук е разположена и Чикагската стокова борса (Chicago Stock Exchange)
Трябва да се отбележат забележителностти като Джон Ханкок център(John Hancock Observatory) , Музеят на науката и индустрията , Природонаучния музей, Планетариума Адлер, Дейли Плаза, Аквариумът Шед( Shedd Aquarium), Oak Street Beach wallpaper, музеите,изложбени зали и галериите (Art Institute of Chicago), Зоопарка и Аквариум (Lincoln Park Zoo), Мillennium park wallpapers,Buckingham Fountain,Gehry Pritzker,Cloud Gate,Harris Theater,Boeing Galleries,Navy pier както и много друг.
Chicago the third largest city in the United States and is located in the state Ilionis. Izvesten with names like Windy City (Windy city) and (Second city). Town was founded in 1974 1833.Tuk built ny tallest building in the world-Sears Tower free wallpapers, which is 443 meters high and the number of floors is 103.Kam currently remains the tallest building in the United States.
Chicago is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan desctop. As one of the biggest metropolises in the world here, it attracts attention. Airport O'Hare International Airport wallpaper is one of the busiest airports across svyat.Godishno city is visited by over 40 million people, tourists, residents from neighboring states as and many biznesmeni.Otkroyava is a global financial tsentar.Tuk is located and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Chicago Stock Exchange)

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Wallpapers-most often the pictures and images of various objects (mountains, rivers, lakes, animals, people, cars and mn.drugi). Literally translated, "wallpaper" translates as "wallpaper". And mainly used to make desktop interesting and beautiful. The base of wallpapers in wallpaper3.com you the opportunity to enjoy a suitable wallpaper, which you can download free and put it on your desktop. Our wallpapers are sorted into several categories of nature, cars, animals, people, funny, architecture, cities, festivals and more abstract.

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wallpapers-desktopWall or "wallpapers" as they know they are all background images, photos of landscapes or pictures that diversify your desktop "desktop". They Wallpapers (wallpapers images s) can be in different formats, sample formats JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and other file formats. They are stored on your device and show the desktop (desktop), to make it more pleasant and attractive. Wallpapers "wallpapers" is commonly used in Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating systems to make desktop (desktop) different, funny and interesting. Each operating system provides several pre-installed wallpapers (wallpapers), users can choose among them. All operating systems that allow the placement of wallpaper on the desktop-but the ability to download more wallpapers, which are placed on the desktop "desktop".

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