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wallpapers-architecture-living-roomBuilding art differs from the simple construction with advanced processing constructed, beyond the clear winner is much practical and certain aesthetic values​​. Architecture necessarily includes a function, it is only through it can successfully fulfill its ideological and aesthetic problems. That's why this site has such raznooborazie of materials for architecture - interior and exterior in many different wallpapers. Architecture is one of the important events of social production of material culture in general and is closely connected with the nature of the productive forces and production relations, the development of science, technology and art. In class societies architecture serves the economic, ideological and social and living conditions of the ruling classes and reflects their aesthetic ideal. Wallpapers3 tries to show ideas and each wallpaper is seeing a proven architect. Some of the listed projects were implemented wallpapers and other wallpapers are just ideas.
wallpapers-architecture-HousesArchitecture Wallpapers is a category where you can see different architectural wonders and achievements of humanity. This is the science of designing buildings, all svarznano with them from the sketch, design and construction. A broad definition includes consideration of the project and the total built environment, urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture. Also, the interior design of the building, its furniture and design rooms corridors lobbies idr. The gallery of wallpapers on architecture available.