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Welcome nakrasivo place for wallpapers on animals. Here you will find a variety of wallpapers of animals shot by professionals and designed so that your desktop look amazing in a beautiful and exciting way. Just by clicking on the category of animals will enjoy the beautiful wallpapers with animals from around the globe to collect for you. Animals are a large group of organisms classified as Animal Kingdom. They are usually multicellular, capable of locomotion and in response to their environment, they feed by taking other organisms. People also belong to the kingdom of animals, although using this term is excluded from this group. The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animalis (plural Animalia), and ultimately "anima", which means spirit, soul. All animals breathe.


These animals are made of eukaryotic cells (cells in which the genetic material is organized into membrane-limited intracellular structures called nuclei). In the course of evolution, cells differentiate to form different tissues (epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous), and they in turn form the organs and systems. With few exceptions, animals with differentiated tissues, including the nervous system and muscles, and internal digestive system. Groups of this organization may be called "metazoan", although this word is also used for animals in general. We have collected many high quality wallpapers of animals with various resolutions which you can download free to your desktop.
The animal is being organized, having sensitivity and ability to volitional movements and reproduction. As at our wallpapers you will find them in their natural environment, where you can enjoy them and admire their beauty in full. There are single-celled organisms that possess the characteristic signs of animals. The fauna is also designated as "fauna". Most representatives are animal class insects. Animals breathe and take in oxygen from the environment and release carbon dioxide.