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The city is kind of settlement is usually larger than the village, inhabited by people. The urban population, unlike agriculture, deals generally with industry, commerce and other rather than to agriculture, livestock and close to their activities. Our wallpapers with cities you can explore a variety of images of famous cities around the world.

The population is not e most important indicator of whether the settlement is a town or village. In many parts of the world such as India (at least 2004), a large village can be inhabited by several times more people than a small town.


wallpapers-cities-Kuala-Lumpur-MalaysiaIn every country that has given Restrict or withdraw the status of the territorial unit also defines the name. To one location city, it must meet certain requirements. These requirements are population built infrastruktora, communications and others. There are settlements with a city status for historical and cultural reasons, and those given this status due to political reasons. It is in our category cities wallpapers you can find many and various cities.


The modern phenomenon of extensive suburban growth, urban community development and migration of rural population to urban and vice versa further complicate the definition of the city as thus creating urban communities which were economically and culturally, but they lack other characteristics of urban areas. But certainly our wallpapers you will find many wonderful, beautiful and amazing cities and will like this to slozhote on your desktop. Nowadays it is informal, colloquial term. And certainly there are many cities that have
unique in their inside, and I zasvuzhava to examine their images kakrtinki, of course our wallpapers will show them.