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In our category wallpapers humor you can see many wallpapers to show you many funny situations people animals and objects. Laughter is an audible expression of joy, happiness, fun, joke or the result of an inner sense of happiness and pleasure, accompanied by characteristic facial expressions and grimaces to express our joyful feelings. It can occur as a psychological reaction jokes, physical touch, such as tingling or after check our wallpapers. Inhalation of nitric oxide can induce laughter, some drugs like marijuana can also lead to periodic hoot. Loud and prolonged laughter in the investigation is considered wallpapers can sometimes cause pain or even shed a tear of certain muscles.


Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain. It helps people to express more clearly their thoughts, feelings and intentions in a social environment. Laughter unloaded tension that collect and spend 10 minutes if you look funny wallpapers from our category will definitely feel better. Laughter gives emotional context of the conversation and serves as a signal that someone is part of a group, that signals acceptance and positive in others. Sometimes laughter is contagious: laughter individuals can provoke laughter in others. The study of humor and laughter and their psychological and mental effects on the human body is called gelotologiya.

A consideration of funny wallpapers is the landings and enjoyment.